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So you want your business to rank well in Google? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vital to your businesses success if you want to rank well and be found by your prospects searching for services your business offers.

Search Engine Optimization

Website SEO for Business

At its core Search Engine Optimisation is the role of performing a diverse and consistent set of activities that are designed to increase the number of visitors to your website through search engines.

In most cases, pleasing search engine algorithms means keeping Google happy.   Google accounts for approximately 90% of all online searches, that only leaves 10% spread across all other search engine providers.

The higher a website ranks in search engines the more traffic your website will receive, which increases your exposure to ultimately generate more business and profit from your website. If you want you to gain a competitive advantage by being visible and have a desire to dominate your market, then undertaking good, consistent SEO efforts are imperative in gaining and maintaining credibility.

There are hundreds of factors at play in Google's ranking algorithm.  We focus and target the most relevant factors for your website, your industry your target audience, and your goals.

Our search engine optimization services help all levels of website owners, from new users to experienced and are designed to take you from start to finish in your SEO efforts.  We work closely with our customers to create an SEO strategy that makes sense, helps you understand who you're competing against, and show you which keywords are most important to target and will achieve success and conversion you're seeking.

When providing a price for search engine optimization we will first perform a full website SEO audit.  This audit will review your on-page optimization, such as page headers, image tags, keywords, meta tags and your content.

Next, we review your off-page services like link building, social profiles, reviews, Google "my business" profile, business directories, press releases and more.

Lastly, we review your competition in order to devise a well thought out plan to rise your websites ranking above your competitions and stay there.

Once the SEO audit is complete we will know the best approach to reach your SEO and overall business goals and will provide a custom search engine optimization package based around the results of our review.

If you're on a tight budget that's ok, SEO is an accumulation of many efforts and small efforts add up over time.  Ranking does not happen overngiht adn it takes time to see results.  The earlier you start the earlier you will see the benefits of SEO being prospects to your website.

Let's make it easy for new customers searching your services and market to easily find you and start a conversation.


Choose First Page

Prospects choose businesses on the first page of local search results.


Visit your Business

consumers will go to a store because of the information they find online.


Trust Reviews

Consumers trust a business after seeing that it has positive real-world reviews.


If you're on a tight budget that's ok, SEO is an accumulation of many efforts and small efforts add up over time. Ranking does not happen overnight and it takes time to see results. The earlier you start the earlier you will see the benefits of SEO bringing prospects to your website.

Make it easy for new customers searching for services you offer, to easily find and connect with your business.

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Our monthly SEO plans start at $80/month CAD.

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Many of our clients come to us frustrated with the performance of their current website. Some have spent thousands on custom web design, development, SEO and marketing, others have tried to build their own websites and manage their online web presence themselves rather than working with professionals. Whatever the case may be, the end result is usually not something they are happy with.

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